Season of Renewal

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A collection of poems, songs and drawings chronicling the bloomings and sheddings of a transformative summer šŸŒ§ļøšŸ”„šŸŒŖļøšŸ‚šŸƒā˜€ļø

Expect: reframed memories, dream journaling, sweaty gigs, mundane appreciation, demons, videogames, fire, micro-fiction, indie rock tabs, flowers, emotional whirlwinds, falling leaves, friendship, love.

Written between April and August 2023.

šŸ Published by Stereocat on 24th September 2023, catalogue number SCR-001
šŸ A5-sized, 92 pages in 120gsm paper, hardcover book with dust jacket.
šŸ ISBN Number 978-1-3999-6701-3
šŸ Shipped from Scotland via Royal Mail.